Saturday, 25 May 2013

Dian Pelangi back in Melbourne

The ever lovely and endearing Dian Pelangi was back in Melbourne for the Souq Melbourne Market.  The event was organised by the Young Indonesian Muslim Students Association (YIMSA) and headed by Ratna who again, what a small word, is a friend of F's too.  Dian was born into the world of fashion and textiles with her parents establishing a business in manufacturing textiles unique to Palembang, Dian's birth place.  Dian's countless number of invitations to showcase her colourful collections across the world spanning from Asia to the Middle East and Europe is a testament to how much she has accomplished over the last four years since she took over the reins to the business.  On her recent trip to Paris, Dian hosted a hijab tutorial at the base of the Eiffel tower.  How much more majestic of a back drop can one ask for?  Just a couple days back, Dian arrived in Amsterdam and presented yet another show!

The countdown to Dian's return to Melbourne was anticipated by masses of hijabis.  We had friends come down from Sydney and Brisbane just for the fashion show and a chance to meet her.  If not for Dian, I would not have met all my lovely new friends from the event last year and just the weekend past.

I have very few photos from the event and am relying on my friends to send me more hah.  As per usual, I get excited and cease to remember the existence of my camera.

Here's some snippets from the event...

 Naeema from Chronicles of a Hijabi, Zainab and Aisha from Confessions of a shopaholic on a budget

F and K!  Just missing our R!

 Dian Pelangi's Ramadan 2013 Collection

 Dian with her collection designed especially for the Souq Melbourne event

A, K, Dian and Sammy from Trendy Melbourne

 Big Love to Ebs from Sorayya Design for organising the post Souq dinner at Arabesque in Elsternwick - Thanks for sending me the photos Sammy!

Stole this off Sammy's twitter hehe.  Also in this photograph is The Hijab Stylist and Muslim Street Fashion.

All in all in was a very hectic weekend albeit a memorable and lovely one.  I was yawning through dinner haha...such an old nan.

K xx

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