Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Cuisinart Chopper & Grinder

A while ago I purchased the Cuisinart Elite Chopper and Grinder (4 cup capacity) from Kitchenware Direct.  It is still available here and on special for $99.95 with a free shipping code- only 2 left!

I'll be honest, when it came in the mail I was a tad disappointed at how little it is.  I finally used it last night and a minute ago, and couldn't wait any longer to blog about it.  This little monster of a machine sure packs a punch.  After much research online and browsing blogs on how to make home made almond butter, I succumbed and went ahead with the Cuisinart.  Ideally i'd purchase a larger capacity processor but at $500+ i'd much rather buy something to go in my wardrobe or a holiday.  At $99.95 and seeing how efficient it is, I really can't complain and am quite contented with the 4 cup capacity after all.


I didn't start with an exact recipe in mind but worked with whatever I had in my fridge or rather whatever I could salvage before throwing out.

 I'm trying to be more conscious of what I eat and am slowly cutting dairy out of my diet.  These cheeses are great substitutes but nothing beats the real deal.  I love my cheeses.  These were purchased from a cafe on Brunswick St.  It's the block just before the Brunswick St and Alexandra Parade intersection.  I couldn't make out what the place is called.  There's a sign that says best organic coffee above it's door.  Hope this helps?

1.  I removed the capsicum seeds and roughly tore the capsicum into big pieces.

2.  I then chucked it into the processor with the mushrooms.  It only took say about 10-15 seconds of chopping to achieve the mix on the left.  I should've really chopped for two seconds haha, didn't plan to have my capsicum and mushroom mix this fine.

3.  As for the garlic, I processed this after removing the capsicum and mushroom mix- I don't know why.  I could've just done it in one go.  If you don't like the taste of raw garlic then I suggest pan frying your garlic slightly before mixing it with the mushroom and capsicum mix.

 4.  I sprinkled a thin layer of cheese then layered with the capsicum mix.

5.  I thinly sliced some mushrooms for texture and layered this next.
6.  Sprinkled more cheese.

7.  Seasoned with some sea salt and black pepper.

8.  Topped it with another wrap and into the oven it went at approximately 180 degrees celcius until slightly browned.

So dinner last night panned out to being Quesadillas and was yum!


I jumped straight into blending my almonds into an Almond Butter and didn't take photo's of the process.  Sorry!  

I placed 2 cups of almonds and processed in 1 minute intervals.  Several of the blogs I referred to suggested to do this so the processor doesn't get too hot.  The manual also says not to operate it for more than a minute at a time.  Do note also that the processor doesn't do continuous processing with one press of a button.  You have to constantly be pressing on either button for continuous processing.  

It isn't hard work, promise.  Eventually the almonds will turn to a paste and you'll see the oils come out.  Processing it intermittently will also allow you to control how crunchy or smooth your like your almond butter to be.  It really doesn't take that long at all, 15 minutes tops.  Cleaning time included.

Now let's talk pennies.  It cost me $15 for a 750 g bag from Woolies.  After using 2 cups, I still had at least half the bag of almonds still and was able to make at least 300-350g or almond butter.  A store bought 250 g bottle I purchased cost me $11.95. 

Heinz baby food jar  //  Jam jar

Happy Processing!
K xx


  1. This reminds me of when I made Nutella.. It was quite interesting! But the problem is the store bought jar is cheapish.

    1. True true but least you know what's going into it?