Thursday, 18 October 2012

The Food Diaries

After a long hiatus from work overload, brace your eyes for some eye candy! (not recommended for those who are hungry)

A friend came down from Gippsland so a reunion was in order. It was one of those days where Melbourne decided to cry the whole day and all we craved for was rice, rice and more rice!
After several years here I can't believe I didn't make the initiative to head to Little Malaysia, ever! Shame on me. 

Highly underrated but everything we ordered was terrific! Came in a group of 4 and shared all the dishes and no surprises everything was polished. Highly recommended.

Little Malaysia
26 Liverpool St Map.a361670
MelbourneVIC 3000

I tried to be crafty and try out a new Crumbed Parmesan Chicken Breast recipe I found here It turned out looking like this:

 It didn't exactly look like the picture in the website, but I'm happy with the taste :)

Last Saturday was an eventful one, I woke up to have brunch with F at Two Birds One Stone in South Yarra. I had the savoury craving and F had the sweet one.

That night myself, F and 2 other friends gathered at S's place to have a cook-off since we'll be spending 9 days together on our upcoming trip so we thought we'd better get used to each others cooking. Haha. This was the spread that night. Everything was edible and everyone is still alive, mind you ;)

xoxo, R


  1. Dont worry its always like that the first time trying to cook something new will always come out differently but keep doing it maybe the next time its will come out almost similar and yeah dont forget to share the receipe i would also like to try it out and see how it goes....:)

  2. Thanks for that! I'm always trying out new things manageable enough cooking for 1 person! Will keep u posted xx


  3. Yumm the food from Two Birds One Stone looks amazing! I wish I could pop over to Melbourne and try out everything else on the menu! x

  4. It was! Wish I could've stayed longer to enjoy it even more. Wherabouts are you from, Hannah?

    Thanks for popping by the blog xx